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Bean Bag Games Are Family Friendly

So it’s a warm, sunny Saturday in mid-summer and you’re having the whole family over for BBQ and games.  You want to make sure that everyone in the family can participate in the lawn games; everyone from your 82-year-old grandma to your 6-year-old nephew.  It’s not easy to find a lawn game where everyone can participate, have a good time doing so, and not be embarrassed by not having the strength or mobility to play a certain game.  The simple solution is to play bean bag toss games.

A bean ban game consists of tossing one-pound bags onto plywood boards.  These boards have 6-inch holes drilled out of their center.  A bag on the board equals one point; a bag in the hole equals three points.  First player or team to 21 wins.  Traditionally, these bags are filled with whole kernel corn, hence the name cornhole in many parts of the country.  These bags are about as harmless as it gets.  Even if someone makes an errant throw and strikes someone who’s lounging in the sun, it is not going to hurt them.

These lightweight, harmless bean bags make cornhole the most family-friendly of all backyard games.  Your arm strength and mobility are not a factor, as most people of any age can toss these bags the distance required.  The same cannot be said for other lawn games.  Horseshoes are too heavy and cumbersome and require you to have serious arm strength.  Croquet, volleyball or badminton require too much mobility; thus limiting the possible pool of people who can participate.  Bean bag games have none of these limitations and therefore, dominate the backyard sports industry and will continue to do so for a long time.

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