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Corn Toss Game is Great for Neighborhood Block Parties

Go to many suburban neighborhoods across America and there is a good chance that people don’t know each other as well as they should.  In fact, in many cases, you might not even converse with your next-door neighbor other than the occasional “How ya doing?”.  Most folks get up, go to work, come home, watch a little TV, hit the hay and start all over again the next day.  Of course, the summer offers more opportunities to get to know the neighbors given the better weather, but the disconnect remains.  One fantastic way to bring neighbors closer together and to forge lasting friendships is to hold block parties during the summer.  If you really want to entice people to such a party, food and games are a must; and may I personally recommend the corn toss game.

Corn toss games are fun for everyone, parents and children.  Corn bags are lightweight and harmless.  These bags weigh less than a pound and even if someone makes a poor throw, the bags are not likely to hurt anyone who is accidently struck.  Cornhole boards can be moved closer together to make sure the kids can reach them with their tosses.  Also, cornhole can be set up in numerous places: the grass, a driveway or even in the street; just be careful on that one!  Other tossing games don’t have these advantages.  Arm strength and ability to throw a long distance are not required for the corn toss game.

Kids love this game and will play for hours on end.  You can even set up a cornhole tournament; complete with brackets such as those used in March Madness.  If you’re looking for a great way to bring neighbors together, corn toss is a great option!

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