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Five Reasons Why Bag Games Reign Supreme

If you’re looking for a fun Sunday afternoon full of family, friends, BBQ and lawn games, you have many options available to you.   There are a multitude of games and sports that one can choose from to fill the hours and, of course, entertain your guests.  However, here are five very good reasons why any variety of bag games are your best option:

1) Bags utilized in cornhole, bean bag toss, or whatever you call your respective toss game, are lightweight.  Traditional cornhole bags weigh roughly 14-16 oz; that is one pound.  Lightweight bags mean anyone can play regardless of age or arm strength.

2) These bags are basically harmless.  Unlike other backyard games such as horseshoes, these corn-filled bags won’t hurt anyone if they are accidently struck by an errant throw.

3) Bags won’t get covered in grime or rust.  I’m picking on horseshoes again here; but these metal horseshoes are often rusted and dirty.  No one wants to get messy while playing a simple lawn game.

4) Bag games don’t require expensive equipment.  Some yard games will cost you an arm and a leg just to purchase the necessary equipment.  The good news is that quality bags will cost only around $20-30.  Plus, cornhole boards can be made with simple 2” x  4”s and plywood.

5) Most bag tossing games require very little in the way of mobility.  Unlike badminton, volleyball or other lawn sports, tossing games allow you to stand in one spot the whole time.  This is important if it’s 90 degrees out or if you have older participants who wouldn’t be able to play if it required too much mobility.

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