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How to Know You’re Buying the Best Corn Hole Bags

A lot of cornhole companies claim that their cornhole bags are the best on the market.  Online cornhole companies number in the hundreds and it’s often hard to tell who is legit and who is a pretender.  When you fork out anywhere between $20-40 for a set of corn hole bags, don’t you want to know, without a shadow of doubt, that your bags are strong, durable and will stand the test of time?  Of course you do; who wants to buy a set of bags that only last a few games and then break apart?  If you do your homework you’ll quickly know the difference between some guy sewing cheap bags in his garage and a professional cornhole company that respects its customers enough to use the highest-grade materials.

Here are a few simple ways to determine if you are buying the best possible corn hole bags.  First, make sure the bags are made with a strong, high-quality fabric called duck canvas, also know as duck cloth.  This fabric is incredibly durable; in fact, it is so strong it is often used to manufacture boat sails.  Surely, a material that can withstand oceanic winds can certainly handle the game of cornhole.  If the company you are considering buying your bags from refuses to tell you what fabric they use, then run away as fast as you can.  Duck canvas is a must.

Next, make sure your bags are double-stitched, preferably with a synthetic thread such as polyester or nylon.  These threads help repel water and resist UV damage, something that cannot be said for a natural fiber such as cotton.  Bags should be filled with whole kernel corn.  It’s called “corn” hole for a reason!  Lastly, make sure the bags are regulation size and weight; that is 6”x 6” and 14-16 oz.  Follow these guidelines and you can be assured that you have purchased high-quality corn hole bags.

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