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Tailgate Games Explode in Popularity

In recent years there has been an incredible rise in the popularity of tailgating games.  The definition of a tailgate game is very simple; any sport that is small and mobile enough to be taken to a football tailgate party and played in an area that is usually rather small and confined.  Obviously certain games wouldn’t apply here.  For example, any sport that requires smooth ground or grass won’t work.  Tailgating areas are more often than not nothing more than a patch of gravel or weed-infested field.  Games such as croquet, volleyball or bocce ball are just not suitable for this environment.

However, games such as cornhole and other related tossing games are perfect for a tailgating environment.  Cornhole can be played on any surface as long as the boards are adjusted for uneven ground.  Cornhole boards can be moved closer than the traditional 27 feet if space is limited.  Lastly, cornhole bags are about the most injury-proof sporting good out there.  Thousands of people descend on tailgating parties and any object that could seriously hurt someone, a la a metal horseshoe, is a no-no.

Since a game such as cornhole is well-suited for tailgating , it is easy to see why it would become so popular.  Think about it, a college football game might have 100,000 fans in attendance; that is a lot of exposure for the sport and accounts for its rapid growth.  While there are other tailgating games out there that have replaced many traditional sports, it appears cornhole is the most popular at the time.

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