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The Most Basic Corn Toss Designs

Constructing and painting corn toss boards is a big deal for both serious and casual players.  Customizing and personalizing these boards are an industry in themselves and players have been known to spend every waking hour tweaking and perfecting their boards.  Basic cornhole board construction can be accomplished using pine 2” x 4”s and a 2’ x 4’ birch plywood.  Screws always work better than nails in fortifying your boards.  The legs should be angle-cut to lay flat against the floor/grass and long enough so that the back end is raised to roughly 12” off the ground.  Galvanized bolts should be used.  The six-inch hole should be centered 9” from the back of the board.

Some people will prefer to keep that natural wood look of the boards.  Even so, these boards will need to be protected from the elements.  On natural wood, any glossy polyurethane should suffice.  Remember to apply multiple coats and to allow ample time between each application.  However, most folks will want to paint there boards to reflect their favorite teams colors or logo.  You are advised to use a basic exterior latex paint.

Whether you are painting a simple pattern, a pyramid shape or racing stripes, the method of painting remains much the same.  Just remember to paint in the same direction, no matter if you’re using a brush or a roller.  Back and forth motions will make your paint coats uneven.  To achieve straight lines, simply use any variety of painters tape.  If you’re using multiple colors, here is a trick to avoid paint bleeding under the tape.  First, paint your base color and allow to dry.  Then apply tape to create your lines and logo.  Before painting with your second color, apply a thin layer of your first paint to the tape edges.  This will completely seal your lines for good.  After painting, apply several coats of Minwax Polycrylic to protect your boards from the elements.  Get playin’!

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