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About Us is based out of Cincinnati, OH; which happens to be the epicenter of cornhole worldwide.  We first heard about cornhole back in 2003 and spent the next two weeks rolling on the floor laughing at the ridiculous name of the sport; “What were these people thinking?”   But, we didn’t want to be total buzzkills, so we decided to give this nascent sport a try.  After a couple hours we were hooked.

Pretty soon thereafter, every backyard BBQ quickly descended into a no-holds-barred hours-long competition to see who would win the cornhole tournament this week.  These tournaments, complete with March Madness-style brackets and players ranging in age from 8 to 80, became a tradition that has remained ever since; and the rest is history.

Next, we did what any good American would do, we turned our addiction into a business.  We spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours researching the highest-grade materials available to make the best cornhole bags and boards.  We’ve done our homework and the quality of our products is a testament to that fact.  Over the years we’ve had many, many happy customers and we view repeat customers as our greatest source of pride, as well as, the greatest indicator of our commitment to strong, durable cornhole game products.

Cornhole Galaxy aims to be your first choice when it comes to cornhole bags.  We use only the highest-quality materials and take pride in each and every bag as though we were making it for ourselves.  Our reputation is important to us, and it shows in the excellence of our workmanship.

We also make customer service a top priority, so if ever you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.